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Brutal Cold in the Forecast For Next Week

This weekend will definitely be a cold one, with two blasts of arctic air making their way into the eastern and central parts of the United States right now.

This first blast of cold air is currently spreading throughout the Midwest and moving into the East Coast. Another surge of freezing air will be pulled to the south by a system of low-pressure that has the possibility to bring snow and high winds to the Northeast over the weekend.

We began to see freezing temperatures in the northern Plains region on Wednesday, where the daytime highs didn’t even make it out of the single digits in parts of northern Minnesota as well as North Dakota. A small town in North Dakota recorded a high of 9 degrees on Wednesday, and paired with strong winds, it felt as though the temperature was about 20 degrees below.

This morning the Upper Midwest and northern Plains are feeling the brunt of the cold (subzero temperatures to be exact). International Falls, MN already has recorded a low temperature of 28 degrees below zero, which matches the coldest temperature that the state has seen this season. Anyone residing in the Great Lakes region or the Midwest will definitely want to bundle up, as the highs on Thursday afternoon will only be in the single digits and teens.
The brutally cold temperatures will then move to the south and eastern regions on Friday. Anywhere east of the Mississippi River can expect the highs to be 10 degrees below average. In New York and other states surrounding it, the highs will be 20 to 30 degrees below average. Accompanied by the wind chills, the temperatures will feel as though they are in the 20’s and 30’s below zero from the central Appalachians all the way to New England. The I-95 corridor can expect wind chills to be in the single digits below zero.

Many people like to escape to the south once the cold hits, but unless you plan on leaving the country, you won’t be in for any type of warm salvation. The Deep South will feel this chill as well, as it is predicted that the readings will sink into the 20s as far south as the Florida Panhandle and northern parts of the Florida Peninsula.
The second low-pressure system will move from the Great Lakes to the Northeast on Saturday, bringing along with it a threat of snow and even higher winds. Sunday will more than likely be the coldest day of this long cold snap, and New York may experience the coldest day it has had in the past two decades.

Highs 20 to 30 degrees below average will be present on Sunday throughout all of the Northeast, and as far west as Michigan and Ohio. These temperatures may extend as far south as the Carolinas and Tennessee as well. Subzero lows are in the forecast for much of the Upper Midwest, Great Lakes, upstate New York and New England.

As for the Northeast corridor, Monday morning will be the coldest; lows will be in the single digits from Boston to Philadelphia. The daily record lows will be threatened for both of those mornings in the Southeast, Northeast, and Great Lakes as this second cold blast surges to the south.

A big concern for the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast through all of this will be the wind chills. For the most part of this weekend the northeast can expect the temperatures to feel as though they are below zero, which will make frostbite and hypothermia a large concern. Also, weather models are also predicting that another cold blast is in store for the Midwest and Northeast later next week.

Brutal Cold in the Forecast For Next Week
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