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Extreme Cold Weather Returns To Michigan and the Midwest

Winter Delivers Another Blast of Snow and Freezing Cold Temps

The Midwest and Northeast are dealing with yet one more bout of snow and cold this week. This is the latest in a series of winter storms that have impacted much of the country this winter season. A powerful and massive winter storm rolled across the mid-section of the US on Tuesday bringing with it considerable snowfall, icy roads and freezing rain.

It’s been lights out for more than a million people in the United States this week as the snowfall and freezing rain has resulted in numerous power outages. Most of the power outages happened in the state of Pennsylvania as over 451,000 customers there were without power this week. The crippling ice storm that marched across parts of the Midwest and Northeast downed tree limbs and made roadways extremely dangerous and impassible in some cases. There were numerous traffic accidents reported in both the Midwest and Northeast this week with some so bad that they closed down entire expressways.

The second major snowstorm for the Northeast this winter dumped over a foot of snow in some states which closed many schools, businesses and government offices. It also snarled air travel and sent vehicles sliding on icy roads in what is now becoming an all too familiar scene of wintertime misery. What made this winter storm stand out in the Northeast was the thick coating of ice that was on trees and power lines. There were nearly 70,000 homes and businesses in Maryland without power Thursday and tens of thousands more in the state of New Jersey. To make matters worse, the ice took down entire trees in some places which blocked roads, causing numerous problems for commuters and emergency vehicles.

The persistence of very cold air and regular snowfall thus far this winter are front and center in the minds of many people living in the United States. The city of Chicago is now in its fourth straight month that’s been dominated by arctic cold temperatures and snow. Wind chills there have been unbearable as they are in the -25 territory. There is not much hope that it will warm up much in the Windy City as temperatures are expected to remain below zero throughout this weekend. The total snowfall amount thus far in Chicago is 59.6 inches which is three times more snow that the city usually gets in an entire winter season.

Homeowners in the Midwest and Northeast have had to deal with all types of problems this winter including frozen and burst pipes, furnace shut-downs, propane shortages, home floods & fires and vehicle starting problems. Many schools in the Midwest are now facing having to extend the academic year because they’ve used all their available “snow days”. Commuters have had to deal with terrible roadway conditions, road closures, railway delays and bus line cancellations.

Extreme Cold Weather Returns To Michigan and the Midwest
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