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Springtime Rains Prompt Flood Worries in Midwest

While many people living in the Midwest were enjoying summer-like weather this past weekend, things are about to change as forecasters are warning that heavy rains may fall which could lead to flash flood problems. A large swath of land in the US is at risk for flash flooding that stretches from central and northern Texas and eastern Oklahoma up into Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee and Pennsylvania. By the time Tuesday afternoon rolls around, the severe weather threat should be lessened considerably with only isolated severe storms present over parts of the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes region. However, some of the thunderstorms in that part of the country could be severe with heavy rainfall likely.

On Monday afternoon, people living in southern lower Michigan got a little bit of everything as far as weather goes. There was heavy rain falling, hail, lightening and even tornadoes. The twisters which were reported near Dundee and Monroe, MI were not yet confirmed by the National Weather Service come late Monday night.

The severe thunderstorms that moved across southern lower Michigan prompted flood warnings in Oakland, Shiawassee, Livingston and Oakland Counties. As the storms plowed into the Detroit metropolitan area, a public address announcement at Metro Airport told people to evacuate the stairwells and bathrooms due to flooding concerns.

The National Weather Service is warning residents of southern lower Michigan that heavy rain, strong winds, hail and even tornadoes are possible for Tuesday. There is also the possibility that some of the weather moving into the region could produce very severe storms that could result in cloud-to-ground dangerous lightening, large damaging hail and strong gusting winds in addition to heavy rainfall. Tornado warning sirens roared in many southern Michigan communities Monday as numerous funnel clouds were reported. Damage reports were unconfirmed as of late Monday. School officials in Ann Arbor kept students and staff indoors during the tornado warning that occurred there Monday.

The thunderstorms which were firing up in the Midwest Monday night were in the vicinity of a warm front. As a cold front moves into the region early Tuesday, another round of severe weather will prevail with heavy rainfall and thunder & lightening. People in the eastern portion of Wisconsin were told Monday night to be aware of the weather on Tuesday as that part of the state could see some locally heavy rainfall that could cause flooding problems for home and business owners.

Springtime Rains Prompt Flood Worries in Midwest
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