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Winter Woes Continue Long after Big Freeze

Businesses of all types and sizes as well as schools, universities and churches across the Midwest continue to experience problems following the near or record cold temperatures brought on by the polar vortex. Water pipes have been bursting at apartment complexes and in commercial properties due to the heating being turned down too low. Classroom flooding has been a big problem in many public schools as well as in homes and businesses as previously frozen pipes weakened and burst.

Not only did the cold close down schools all across the Midwest but it also disrupted businesses that were forced to close down due to heating system problems, frozen pipes and lack of electricity. In all, about 200 million people were affected by the recent cold weather that is costing the US economy an estimated $5 million. States including North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Nebraska and Wisconsin saw temperatures as low as 50 degrees below average due to the polar vortex that swept in from the north.
As the weather warmed up, it caused water woes ranging from foundation & roof damage to indoor flooding for thousands of businesses. Plumbing services all across the Midwest were taking calls day and night from home and business owners who were pleading for help in dealing with frozen and burst pipes. Many cities also were grappling with water main breaks that cut off water supply to thousands.

Thousands of businesses across the US found themselves without power during the extremely cold weather which forced many to close their doors. While electricians, plumbers and retailers selling generators and ice-melting salt were doing very well during the cold, it’s the smaller businesses that suffered most such as restaurants and shops. Many business owners found out the hard way that their insurance didn’t cover flood damage which will inevitably force many to remain closed indefinitely while they clean up flooding and deal with associated problems such as mold.

The cold weather’s impact resulted in lost productivity, lack of consumer spending and higher heating bills for all types of small business owners. When heating bills start coming in while many business owners are trying to get back on their feet following the need to close their doors due to furnace problems, lack of electricity and frozen & burst pipes, the economic strain is likely to be too much for some wherein they’ll be forced to shut down.

Winter Woes Continue Long after Big Freeze
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